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Category: iM Team

Daniel Elimelech is the Founder of IM Intelligent Mining. Daniel was born in Israel and raised in London, England. As a Chief Engineer and world renowned Entrepreneur, Mr. Elimelech is passionate about the  financial and energy sectors, and has impacted both with his groundbreaking technology and idealism. He launched iM Intelligent Mining in 2017 after identifying two main problems with the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin -Energy consumption, and the centralization of global mining operations that can disrupt the entire blockchain network through a 51% hack attack. Daniel Elimelech earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Robotics from Kadori University in Israel, while studying basic laws of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. Daniel remains one of the world’s most esteemed open blockchain and bitcoin experts. His mission is to move all data mining to sustainable energy via the utilization of recaptured heat, effectively creating a  self-sustaining energy loop that provides virtually free electricity.

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